SAMR21 Generic TX RX

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Hello all, i'm using the SamR21 as a generic TX and RX, but i'm not receving the right message, i would like know if someone know where exactly i get the right package.


In TX i'm just using the example code, to send every 5s "A"



void usr_wireless_app_task(void)
    // TODO (Project Wizard) - Add application tasks here.
    // This function will be called repeatedly from main.c. (Refer to function app_task(), WirelessTask() in main.c)
    // The following code demonstrates transmission of a sample packet frame every 1 second.


        // This code block will be called only if the transmission is enabled.
        transmit_sample_frame((uint8_t*)"A", 1);    



But in the RX side i'm trying to use 


uint8_t *receive_value;

receive_value = frame->mpdu;      


But in the debug i didn't see nothing in any place.

in RX i'm working as PROMISCUOUS_MODE

just a simple TX and RX.


thanks a lot

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If you go to the link ->  and select -> 

IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Wireless Project Wizard -> Transmit/Receive Page you will find 2 options to set the device in Promiscuous or Normal mode.


You can configure the IEEE project with promiscuous mode enabled. the example project might help you in debugging your issue

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