SAML11 Secure Solution application debugging reports "Error writing memory"

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I'm new to the SAML11 and tried 3 days now to run almost any available L11 demo on my brand new L11 Xplained pro board with little luck.


Today I updated ASF to 3.46 and followed carefully the steps explained in the document AN5364 "How to Develop a SAM L11 Application..." and created a new project in AS7 like this:



I build the project without errors. I tried to debug with ALT-F5 and got this error (same as in other examples I tried before) "Error writing memory 0080c050-0080c070".


I noticed that I cannot change the fuse settings as shown in the document


but after re-powering the board the settings are like this:



Did I miss something? Any idea what is this all about?


Thank you

SAME newbie

Last Edited: Tue. Jun 25, 2019 - 01:34 PM