samg55 compatibility with ASF4 CDC

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OK I feel like a bit of an idiot since others are able to get the USB drivers to work on different cores using ASF4.  I'm trying to come up to speed on Studio 7 using a SAM G55 Xplained Pro board and I've loaded the ASF3 USB Device CDC Example program from Studio 7 and it works fine, however, when I load the ASF4 USB CDC Echo program from Start (which should do the same thing) it appears be be hanging in the cdcd_acm_example() function waiting for cdcdf_acm_is_enabled() to return true.  This function looks for _cdcdf_acm_funcd.enabled to be true and I just haven't been able to determine why this isn't happening.  I'd really like to be able to use ASF4, but...  what am I missing?