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Hi Atmel (Microchip?) Community!

I have a SAME54 Xplained pro dev kit which I need to configure to be a TDM master using the I2S peripheral. I'm very used to using ASF3 on older SAM devices, but am having a hard time understanding what's where in Atmel START.

I can see configuration options for I2S Master / Slave, but there's no options for setting the number of slots and frame sync pulse length (any shorter than 8 SCK cycles). Am I missing something obvious, or is TDM just something that needs to be edited in the code once the project is generated?

I'm also having trouble understanding how to set up the I2S with DMA so that the next transfer is started automatically, with an interrupt generated to swap a ping-pong buffer pointer. I can't see the I2S peripheral in the Event System which I assumed would be the way to achieve this.

Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!