SAMD51 FATFS SDMMC with regular SPI?

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I'm just in the middle of designing a prototype board, and am trying to get a base started with Atmel Start.

I originally chose the D51 for its SDMMC peripheral, but decided to scrap that for regular SPI.

I have to use regular SPI because I added a TFT screen to my project that comes with an SD card module, which unfortunately only breaks out standard SPI pins.


My problem now is that when adding FATFS to my Atmel Start project, the only driver options are for SDMMC.

It does give me the option to select component signals, but if I don't use all of them it gives me a warning, and will not generate project.


So just wondering, does the SDMMC middleware work with regular SPI, aka without SDDAT 1, 2 and 3?


Or am I going to have to use a regular SPI driver, and import FATFS later?



And one quick question I didn't think was worth a separate post, is it recommended to run peripherals on same clock as CPU?

I read in some documents that using more clock sources consumes more power, but it didn't really mention more than that. So is there any benefit to adding a separate clock generator for each type of peripheral (SPI, I2c, UART)?