SAMD21 + Google IOT

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I'm currently using the solution/project on github: with SAMD21 + WINC1510 + ATECC608A

I've also used AVR-IoT with the example avr-iot wg sensor node from atmel start.


There are 4 MQTT topics for devices to work with (this is all on device side, not Cloud side):




So I've tested with the same project + registry + region in AVR-IoT and SAMD21 in both I subscribed to /devices/{device-id}/commands/# topic.
In AVR-IoT I receive the data sent from the command in the callback function, on SAMD21 the callback function is not even activated...

On the cloud, it says the command was sent successfully to the device but nothing shows up.


Is this some kind of bug from the library?  What's wrong?


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