SAMD20 not recovering from deep sleep

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Hello. I have an ATSAMD20 which I enter sleep mode around every 1 second for some 900 milisec. The processor operates correctly for a couple of hours and then it suddenly stops waking up from the sleep mode (via any kind of interrupt).

I have searched everywhere on the internet for solution but I didn't find anything. The processor seems to randomly hung up and requires reboot in order to operate again.


I found also the following forums talking about the same problem but no solution is being given:


I am using FreeRTOS to do my work and my sleep is on the IDLE hook:

void vApplicationIdleHook( void ) {
		if (!bIsInit)

//		cpu_irq_disable();

/*		SYSCTRL->VREG.bit.FORCELDO = true;
		SYSCTRL->VREG.bit.RUNSTDBY = true;*/

//		cpu_irq_enable();

This problem seems to be only for ATMEL related cpus and searching the internet no other cpu manufacturer seems to have that kind of problem with their Arm Cortex M0+ cpus.


Is anyone having a solution to my problem?

I would not in any case like to use a watchdog timer to reboot the cpu after lets say 4 seconds of inactivity. Since this is either hardware (or software) related problem, I would prefer first to solve that problem and only on real production environment enable the watchdog (just in any case to help me from other unpredictable problems). I am totally against to escape that kind of situation (using watchdog) than solving it as it is a bad practice a lot of engineers employ.


Thank you very much.

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Hi @ekalyvio,


I want to refer you back to this thread:


I have made some posts that may help.