SAMB11 (MR) stops advertising?

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I've seen evidence of this in other posts, but haven't noticed a clear solution, if there even is one:  I've noticed that the SAMB11 (using BluSDK 6.2) will simply stop broadcasting advertising packets under circumstances which I don't fully comprehend.  It seems to usually happen after about 10-15 minutes (as I've seen others complain about), but all I can say for sure is that when I come back to the bench after a few hours, my device is no longer broadcasting.  The chip is still running - I can press the button on the SAMB11 Xplained Pro and see the debugging I've added, but I no longer see the device, nor can I connect a previously-bonded phone to it.   This didn't matter much for the original way I was using it, but circumstances have changed and resetting the device every few minutes is no longer a good option.


The specific module I'm using is an ATSAMB11-MR510CA .  


Does anyone know what's going on here, and/or a good workaround (specifics would be useful - I find that the documentation regarding how to do anything on this chip is REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE so the more specific you can be, the more helpful)?  I understand these chips are... not great, but I'm currently stuck with them.  Even an on-device way of detecting "hey, I've stopped advertising, I should kick it" would be useful.  My use case is going to be a phone bonds and connects periodically - and if I can't connect after a couple hours, this is no good.



Last Edited: Sat. Aug 24, 2019 - 06:12 PM