SAM D21 Executing Bootloader From SRAM

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Hi All,


I am working on SAMD21G17L micro-controller with ASF4  Microchip studio IDE. I got a requirement to update Bootloader from Bootloader itself. So we planned to run entire bootloader from SRAM

I referred document Executing from RAM and used the ld file as specified in document. Bootloader is not getting loaded right now.


Can you guys please help me on this? My doubts are


1. Our plan is to generate a bootloader binary using SRAM loader file and store it in Flash(location 0).

Do we need to modify Reset_Handler code section and add code to copy code from Flash to SRAM? Above document doesnot specify anything about it.

2. Do we need any other modification for this?
3. Do we have any other solution other than running bootloader from SRAM for updating flash during execution?



Also do anyone have any latest document which I can refer for this purpose?




Last Edited: Thu. Jun 16, 2022 - 09:55 AM