SAM-BA in command line mode

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I create a new custum board for SAM-BA (v2.18) it is working fine in GUI mode. But in command line, the board is never found.


-I- Waiting ...
-I- TCL platform : Windows NT
-I- SAM-BA 2.18  on : windows
-I- current connection is COM35,  to be matched 
-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :
-I- argv 0 : COM35
-I- argv 1 : samc21_oi_module[OPENINDUS]
-I- argv 2 : module_upload.tcl
-I- Connection COM35
-E- Board samc21_oi_module[openindus] not found
-E- Supported boards : at91sam4n8-xpro at91sam7a3-ek at91sama5d3x-ek at91sam4cp16-mb at91sam4s-xpld at91sam4c8-ek at91sam4sd32-ek at91sam9260-ek at91sam4e8-ek {samc21_oi_module[OPENINDUS]_v2} at91sam7xc512-ek at91sam3s4-ek at91samv71-xplained at91sam7x256-ek at91sam3u4-ek at91cap9-stk at91sam7se512-ek at91sam3a2_on_sam3x2-ek at91sam9rl64-ek at91sam7s161-ek at91sam3a4_on_sam3x4-ek at91sam3x8-ek at91sam9cn11-ek at91sam9263-ek at91sam7l64-ek at91sam4cm4-db {saml22_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sam9m10-ekes at91sam7s256-ek at91sam4s8-ek at91sam4cm32-db {sam4l-ek[not factory programmed]} at91sam3s2-ek at91same70-xplained at91sam9n11-ek at91sam9x35-ek at91sam3n1-ek at91sam3u2-ek at91sam9xe256-ek at91sam3a8_on_sam3x8-ek at91sam7se32-ek at91sam7xc128-ek at91sam9g15-ek rf231usb-rd at91sam4c16-ek at91sam7x512-ek at91sam7s32-ek at91sam9g35-ek at91sam7s321-ek at91sam9g45-ekes at91sam9g10-ek at91sama5d3x-xplained at91cap9-dk_mem18 at91sam9261-ek at91sam4n16-xpro at91sam4c4-ek {samda1_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sam3n4-ek {samd21_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sama5d4x-ek at91sam7l128-ek at91sam7s512-ek {same54_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} {samc21_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sam9cn12-ek {saml21_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sam9xe512-ek at91sam3s8-ek at91sam4s16-ek at91cap9-dk_mem33 at91sam3x4-ek at91sam4e16-ek at91sam9n12-ek at91sam7x128-ek at91sama5d4x-xplained at91sam3n2-ek at91sam4s4-ek at91sam9m10-g45-ek at91sam7s64-ek at91sama5d3x-cmp at91sam7xc256-ek at91sam9x25-ek at91sam3n00-ek at91sam4cm16-db at91sam4cm8-db at91sam7se256-ek at91sam4c32-ek {samd20_xplained_pro[not factory programmed]} at91sam7s128-ek at91sam3x2-ek at91sam3s16-ek at91sam9g25-ek at91sam3s1-ek at91sam9xe128-ek at91sam3n0-ek at91sam4s2-ek at91sam3u1-ek at91sam7s16-ek at91sam9g20-ek at91sam3sd8-ek {samc21_oi_module[OPENINDUS]}

Does someone know what is wrong ?