SAM-BA 2.16 Applet Error on our Custom Board SAM9x35.

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   We are working on sam9x35. We made our custom board by changing externl ram DDR2-SDRAM(In evm MT47H64M16HR) to LPDDR-SDRAM(MT46H32M16LFBF) and Using serial flash at CS0(AT25DF321A-MH-Y) with same pins as EVM.After Customizing our board we need to burn the bin files(boot strap code and application) using Sabma-tool(2.16) but after executing   

1)when we are executing Enable SerialflashSPI0_CS0(SerialFlash AT25/AT26 tab) following error,

	E- Script error: Applet Init command has not been launched (-E- Timeout: The applet did not return. 
	Please check the connection and reconnect the target device.)   

2)when we are executing erase all(SerialFlash AT25/AT26 tab),getting following error 

	E- Script error: Applet erase all command has not been launched (-E- Timeout: The applet did not return. 
	Please check the connection and reconnect the target device.)

	above error from generic.tcl-->Generic::run file

	We Thought that to run applets on board External memory should be intialized first.So We Made following Changes for lpddr-sdram((MT46H32M16LFBF) .
	We changed samba source Code as per our custom board by following below link

	We made changes  in below files:

1)sam-ba2.16/tcl_lib/atsam9g15-ek/customized_board.tcl (file attached)

    variable sramSize         $AT91C_IRAM_SIZE      // how to know this one size
    variable maxBootSize      [expr 24 * 1024]      // how to know this one size

    variable extRamVdd 0               # Vdd Memory 1.8V = 0 / Vdd Memory 3.3V = 1
    variable extRamType 2              # External SDRAM = 0 / External DDR = 1   lpddr-sdram=2(this one added )
    variable extRamDataBusWidth 16     ## Set bus width (16 or 32)  
    variable extDDRamModel 0           #  Not Understood this one.kept 0 

	after that not implemented another lpddr intializing procedure. already ddram intializing was there and it will be called by above board parametres right.

# Initialize DDRAM (already there in customized_board.tcl )

if {[catch {GENERIC::Init $RAM::appletAddr $RAM::appletMailboxAddr $RAM::appletFileName [ $::target(comType) $::target(traceLevel) $BOARD::extRamVdd $BOARD::extRamType $BOARD::extRamDataBusWidth $BOARD::extDDRamModel]} dummy_err] }

2)applets/sam9x5/sam-ba_applets/extram/main.c  (file attached)

	#define BOARD_LPDDR_SIZE        (512*1024*1024)   // 512mb 

	BOARD_Configurelpddr();  //function call for ramtype 2   Declaration in board_memories.h      (added)
	pMailbox->argument.outputInit.memorySize = BOARD_LPDDR_SIZE;

3)sam-ba2.16/applets/sam9x5/libraries/libboard_sam9xx5-ek/source/board_memories.c (file attached)

	BOARD_Configurelpddr() function Defination was written here.please find attachements.

    Afrer Changing and compiling Samba sorce code binaries are created in samba/tcl-lib.but We are getting same error again.
not understanding problem with Hardware or Sam-ba tool customization.

	Could you please anyone correct us. those changes are right or wrong.are there any missing modification in any files.please 
	find the attachments.