RTC Calendar not matching the reality

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Hi everybody. I am currently working on an Atmel SAML21J, and I would like to do precise time operations : have repetitive events at precise moments.

To do so I am currently trying to implement the RTC Calendar (polled) from the ASF. It is working perfectly, except that time doesn't grow in a realy way : there is 9 seconds spend in reality, and the calendar was only incremented by 5. There is no time difference between the value and the reality time in the provided example though.


I am aware that it could be a clock problem, but I don't really understand the clock configurations so I would like some help on that.

As complementary informations, I am also using FreeRTOS and 3 heavy tasks in this same project (I don't know, maybe the fact that there is a lot ran at the same time makes the counter... slower ?)


Thanks for the help guys.