Regarding USB communication.

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We are working on USB CDC communication.

we are using atmel studio 7.0.

we have picked Atmel studio USB CDC device example.

Here,from Java GUI we are writing into MCU USB,we will receive data into MCU using udi_cdc_read_buf() call and received data we are sending back to the JAVA host as a acknowledgement using udi_cdc_write_buf() .

Here we are facing issue,whatever java apllication writes,we are receving and but while sending back as using udi_cdc_write_buf() call,we are facing issue.If he send data first time,if I write he 

is not getting data as a acknowledement,if he send 2nd data he is receving first data as acknowledgement .

In brief,

1st data --->No acknowledgement recevied.

2nd data---->receving 1st data as acknowledgement .

3rd data----->receving 2nd data as acknowledgement.


We want acknoledement to each and every data at a time i.e For first data we need to receive acknowledment for first data only, For2nd data we need to receive acknowledment for 2nd data only



Last Edited: Wed. Jan 23, 2019 - 01:08 PM