Program ATSAMD21 with Atmel Studio 7

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Hi all,

I am trying to program a custom ATSAMD21 PCB using Arduino's software. So far, I have been unable to upload a bootloader to get my computer to recognize the board on its USB port. See the steps I have taken below along with the error I am stuck on. I would be glad to provide more info if needed. Thank you so much in advance!

Steps taken:

  1. Designed circuit
  2. Had PCB printed elsewhere, assembled by hand
  3. Connected to J-Link EDU Mini
  4. Connected to device in AtmelStudio and grab device signuture (0x10010305) within "Device Programming"
  5. Erased chip
  6. Clicked "Read...", file attached as "Erased.hex"
  7. Programmed with "samd21_sam_ba.hex" from (attached)
  8. Clicked "Read...", file attached as "Programmed.hex"
  9. (Still not detected on USB port)
  10. Clicked "Verify", received error pasted below

Timestamp: 2019-02-07 13:55:18.986
Severity: ERROR
ComponentId: 20000
StatusCode: 0

Verifying Flash...Failed! address=0x0000 expected=0xfc actual=0x95

OTP4_WORD_0 =          0x00000695
OTP4_WORD_1 =          0x65F4B11C
OTP4_WORD_2 =          0x40004007
TEMP_LOG_WORD_1 =  0xE64B11F5
USER_WORD_0 =          0xFA97C01E
USER_WORD_1 =          0xFFFFFC5D