Pendrive host without SAM4L xplained pro

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Hello all,

I bought a SAM4L xplained pro kit and made a pendrive host that allowed me to browse the plugged pendrive folders via a UART terminal. Once that was done, I've made my own board to have that feature, but using the ATSAM4LC2A MCU instead of the ATSAM4LC4C MCU - it was a smaller MCU that had all I really needed.

Well, I thought it was going to be easy to simply port my code, but its turning out that it's not. The Atmel's code I've used on the SAM4L xplained pro board has a lot of customization for that kit that's being a nightmare to port to this new MCU/board. So, my question for you guys is: Can I somehow simply add the USB host code & pendrive host code to a new project for the ATSAM4LC4C MCU, and go from there? Or is the USB host code & pendrive host code for the SAM4L xplained pro really specific and customized for that board?

Thanks for your help.