MSC/CDC Composite + FreeRTOS on SAME70

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I started a project based on the E70 that needs CDC and MSC in parallel and FreeRTOS. As a startpoint I copied the corresponding MSC+CDC example from the 'Example Wizard' in AS7. I took me a while to sort out some wrong or missing defines. It would be nice if ATMEL can fix that in one of the next versions. The topics I found:

  • something wrong with the conf_access.h; LUN2 is for MMC SdCard, the example says it's LUN3
  • USB_HS_SUPPORT is not defined for SAME70 in conf_usb.h; I simply added it and choose 6 endpoints

So far that works. Now, what is missing is to add FreeRTOS. Does anyone do this in the past? Could I really do it as simple as in the MSC+FreeRTOS example?


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