LWmesh Routing Discovery

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   We are using the Lwmesh stack for avr-atemga256rfr2. we have a coordinator, 10 routers and a moving end device.. routers far from coordinator is directly hopping to the coordinator.2 or 3 routers are fixed in a corridor and have used one device to walk along the way where the routers placed.It was based on the assumption that when the device moves along the router path it picks up near by routers one by one along the path. But facing some issues with the this.. the moving device is not picking up the routers correctly... Is it issue with the Txpower value in the lwmesh..we have tested with values 0,1,2,3.but couldnt any changes has happened in range. Can anybody help me to solve it

Last Edited: Mon. Dec 3, 2018 - 04:31 AM