Initial setup and configuration of SAM4S Xplained pro

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I have connected the kit I purchased to my pc. I see the device in Windows 7 device manager as TPM Demo Kit after I install the driver.According to the kit's user guide, I should see a green light. But I only see a red LED. I used the USB cable that came with the package to connect the interface in the picture to my laptop. How can I fix this please?

I also followed the directions in the Atmel-42075-SAM4S-Xplained-Pro to download the Atmel Studio, and loaded an example project. But I do not think the studio is connected to my device. Below is what I see in the studio. As you can see, I can not choose a debugger. Does anyone know how what is the problem or what I can check on? 

Last Edited: Wed. Feb 10, 2016 - 06:44 PM