Howto diff files of ASF releases ?

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I found in AS7 is a handy tool which allows comparison of current and original ASF files. See pic below to see what I mean


If I click on compare my favorite diff tool opens and I can see the diff s between the ASF files.

Regarding the file path of the files to diff it seems that they are in a temporary directory for comparison e.g. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\o1pocace.s5c\s25fl1xx.h.

I assume that the file is only temporary extracted from an archive, right?

Doing so only two files can be compared at once but I want to compare multiple files at once.

It would be best to compare directories containing all ASF source files of a single release.


Is there a way to download / extract all ASF files of an entire release for fast file comparison ?


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