How to write to GPNVM on V71 from program?

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I want to use the SAMV71 built in bootloader to boot my program from USB.  In order to get the V71 into bootmode from my application software, I need to change the GPNMV bits to tell the CPU to boot from the Boot Rom instead of the application program.  


When I wrote a bootloader for the SAM3X8E (using ASF3) I  was able to use functions in flash_efc.C to set and clear GPNMV bits.  In ASF4 I cannot find any equivalent function.  Even if I use Atmel Start to load the Flash driver, there is no function to change GPNVM bits.  How can I do this in ASF4?

Last Edited: Wed. Aug 26, 2020 - 06:13 PM