How to get Wi-Fi Direct up & running using WINC1500 & SAMD21

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Hi All,

Winc1500 is know to support P2P or Wi-Fi Direct & i was trying to communicate with my cellphone using SAMD21 Xplained pro board & ATWINC1500 Wi-Fi module.

I have tried working out winc1500 P2P mode example code & was working fine.

Using that program, I was able to find winc1500 in WLAN-direct setting in my cellphone. But what i really like to do is to communicate with the board using wifi direct. The example code only helps to configure winc1500 in P2P mode & show its connection details, but i doesn't help getting the communication done.

If anybody here has done wifi direct using winc1500, please help me out.

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