how to force tc timer output to a known level when counter stopped?

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Hello, help needed to force the TC counter outputs to a known level '0' when the counter stopped or disabled.

My environment : ATSAME70 , mostly library ASF4 but to drive the TC timer' I am using plib driver stolen from Harmony-3. This timer is running in Waveform mode comparing register A for rising edge and Register C for falling edge. External trigger resets and restarts the counter and it may continue toggle the pin even when counter is stopped. When timer is stopped or disabled I must have the outputs at low level (they are driving inverter bridges). Yet the output stays at the last level it was set when counter was running.

Regardless of library I cannot find any provisions in the user manual to reset TC timer's output. 

Stopping the counter does not reset outputs.

Using software trigger does reset timer but it restarts counter which should not be running.

Also TC does not have a pin to force brake outputs.

Please help

Last Edited: Tue. Jun 15, 2021 - 01:56 AM