FYI: Free Cortex M7 Webinar Friday 24th July, 2015

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Just received this by email - may be of interest?


Expert Doulos Embedded trainer David C Black will will take you through the latest hardware architectural improvements found in the ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller, contrasting it with existing Cortex-M solutions.

They will be using a non-Atmel example for illustration.


Top Tips:

  1. How to properly post source code - see: - also how to properly include images/pictures
  2. "Garbage" characters on a serial terminal are (almost?) invariably due to wrong baud rate - see:
  3. Wrong baud rate is usually due to not running at the speed you thought; check by blinking a LED to see if you get the speed you expected
  4. Difference between a crystal, and a crystal oscillator
  5. When your question is resolved, mark the solution:
  6. Beginner's "Getting Started" tips:
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