Finding a radio that has not yet connected to the Coordinator

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I am using the ATZB-X0-256-3-0-C radio modules to build a network of sensors. I am using the AVR2130_lwmesh framwork. I have a network running with a few oddities.

I have a command called "Identify" that is passed from the Coordinator to the the Sensor (all of my sensors are configured as Router nodes). The purpose is to have the Sensor light up to identify the Sensor

of interest and to have the Sensor then send it's configuration data and sensor data.

First Question: if I try to send the command to a sensor that has not yet connected to the Coordinator will the Coordinator try to find a route to the Sensor or do I have to wait for the sensor to connect?

When I try to send the command the Confirm callback status is NWK_NO_ROUTE_STATUS.


Second Question: Everything is working correctly, as best I can tell with 7 Sensors (All Routers) and in the middle of the night the Coordinator stops ACKing any Sensors. The Sensors periodically, every 30 seconds, sends a data block. All of my transmissions request an ACK in both directions. After the Coordinator goes silent, power cycling/resetting it and the Sensors come back by themselves. I detect a Sensor has gone offline if I have not received a data block after 2 minutes since the last data block.


Thanks in advance.