Facing problem in interfacing WINC1500 with SAML21

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I am interfacing WINC1500 with SAML21 in Atmel Studio with asf 3.34. I have achived till m2m_wifi_int(), i.e I am able to get chip id=0x001503a0.But after that If i call scan(), and other commands interrupts is not comming.We are using SPI as interface.

interrupt pin going low

Wake pin is always showing low.Even after making wake pin high,I am not able to get interrupt. 

I dont know why interrupt pin is going low,I have done all the configuration properly by taking reference of example project in atmel studio 7.0

Please help me as early as possible


Following is my call sequences.


int main()





tstrWifiInitParam param;

    memset((uint8_t *)&param, 0, sizeof(tstrWifiInitParam));
    ret = m2m_wifi_init(&param);



sint8 ret;

            while (m2m_wifi_handle_events(NULL) != M2M_SUCCESS) {