EVSYS: The Overrun Channel n Interrupt, users on channel n is not ready

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Dear Forum,

I am using an SAMD21 device and would like to understand what the datasheet wants me to say with: The Overrun Channel n Interrupt
The Overrun Channel n interrupt flag in the Interrupt Flag Status and Clear register (INTFLAG.OVRn) will be set, and the optional interrupt will be generated in the following cases:
  • One or more event users on channel n is not ready when there is a new event.
  • An event occurs when the previous event on channel m has not been handled by all event users
connected to that channel.

How does the device determine that a "users on channel n is not ready"?

In my case I have selected an external interrupt as event generator and a tcc compare as event user. I always get an overrun interrupt on this cahnnel and do not understand why. How could be a tcc compare user not be ready at all?

Many thanks for any help.