Event system to control GPIO pin (SAMR34) not working in sleepwalking (with standby)

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Hi everybody!



Hoping somebody here has extended experience with the event system.


I am trying to set the output of a GPIO pin with the event system, but it doesn't allow me to.

Current setup, based on the low power dynamic sleepwalking example.

connected TC4 to a prescaled clock that runs in standby to have an overflow event generated.
I still leave the ADC eventuser (start conversion) attached as being used by the example.

Also the DMA is still configured.


Configured the PORT_INPUT_EVENT_0 to be attached to the LED pin.

and attached the EVSYS_ID_USER_PORT_EV_0 to that same eventchannel based off TC4 OVF.


void enable_port_events(void)
    struct port_input_event_config config_port_events;
    config_port_events.gpio_pin = LED_0_PIN;
    config_port_events.action = PORT_INPUT_EVENT_ACTION_TGL;






The led blinks during active and idle, so i know the event system is steup correctly.


However if i try to do this in standby, it simply doesn't work anymore.

The adc still get triggered, and those values are still available in the memory after wake up, so i know the event system is running in standby as well.


I already fondled with the clocks, put all of them in run on standby.
I already looked at voltage regulators, maybe i thought the GPIO pins would be in sort of retention state, but no luck there either.


What am i missing here that this pin doesn't update from the eventsystem in standby mode?


thanks all










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Last Edited: Fri. Nov 8, 2019 - 11:43 AM