error in sd_mmc_protocol.h with SD Card commands?

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Dear all,


I tried to use the multiple block write command on a SAME70 to write to an sdcard using HSMCI and SDIO. To write a single block (512Bytes) works well but has a high jitter in the response time of the card. I searched the internet and found on several places the hint to write contingous blocks and also use the command (CMD25) for multiple blocks write.

To get contingous blocks I used the FATfs f_expand() function. That seems to work well. However I couldn't get the CMD25 to work. My base is the ASF3 library. In this library a multi block write is transformed to a loop of single block writes. So this isn't really what I need. I'm new to the HSMCI and sdcard topic and therefore I did some basic investigations. During this I found the following define in the above mentioned file:


If you decomposite the different defines you come to a value of: 


This value is written to the HSMCI_CMDR register. However, this value will do the following settings:

Command Number (CMDNB): 25 (fine for me)

Response Type (RSPTYP): 0 (unclear to me because the define seems to want it to set to 48Bit response)

Special Command (SPCMD): 1 (unclear to me because this will issue a INIT command and I'm not sure if this is the case for CMD25)

OpenDrain Command (OPDCMD): 0 (fine for me)

Max Latency for Command Response (MAXLAT): 1 (fine for me - I guess this is related to the internal error management that will wait now 64 cycles)

Bit 15 is undefined in the HSMCI_CMDR but set to 1 - in the above mentioned file this is commented as the 'write direction bit' that is bit 18 instead 

Transfer Command (TRCMD): 0 (unclear to me because it defines a 'NO_DATA' transfer, but maybe covered by the CMD25 itself)

Transfer Direction (TRDIR): 0 (fine for me - it is defining a write transfer direction)

Transfer Type (TRTYP): 2 (unclear to me because this will define a MMC Stream - and I want to have a SD Card multiple block (defined by the value 1))


three more fields that are all set to 0 and don't seem to be of interest.


If I compare it with a single block write (that seems to work reliable) the main difference is the TRTYP field that is set to 1 in this case. This 1 signals a 'multiple block'. Again, this sounds wrong to me but maybe covered with the block count in the corresponding DMA transfer.


My questions:

  1. Can anyone comment to my list above and let me know if I'm wrong or right?
  2. Does anyone run the multiple read/write block commands for a sdcard using the HSMCI with SDIO on a SAME/V/S device and can let me know how it has been implemented?



Thanks in advance