Does SAMB11 store peer info or something?

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I'm having quite a bit of trouble getting consistent behavior out of the SAMB11, even with the example apps.


I'm currently using the example "device info" app, but repeated runs (hitting the reset button on the SAMB11 Xplained Pro board I'm using) using either an Android phone (running the Atmel SmartConnect app, or nRF Master Control Panel) or a MacBook Air running LightBlue) have different results - the first time I connect from a given device (phone or laptop), things work - but the second or subsequent times, it's hit-or-miss how it behaves.  I've already discovered that I have to unpair every time - but sometimes my device doesn't think it's paired, which makes me wonder if the SAMB11 is storing it somehow?  As poorly-documented as this thing is, it wouldn't shock me.


I also run into problems where it doesn't seem to be responding to BT events any more - right now, I have the device info app 1) not advertising, even though it should be and the console says it started advertising, and 2) not generating/responding to any bluetooth events and 3) still running enough that pressing SW0 generates the button callback.

Is there some way of resetting _everything_ about the chip?  Ideally while still running an app, but at this point I'd settle for knowing I'm in a fresh state at boot time.