Data Visualizer does not connect Serial Port yet Tera Term does

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Communication with target over USB works fine between SAME70-XPLD and host PC if using Tera Term terminal properly configured. But the same Serial communication in Data Visualizer does not get established.

The running code is the ASF4 example "USB CDC Echo" . Serial parameters are 9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit, DTR checked . After target reset, opening TeraTerm , it properly echos each character bounced back ( local terminal echo is OFF, so the output is coming from the target board running the firmware).

But after I disconnect TeraTerm (COM port is released) and try to connect active port "Communication Device Class ASF example" , connection failed with message saying:

"Couldn't connect to Communication Device ASF example (COM14). Please make sure the port is not held by another application" .

No other apps are connected to this port (unless AS7 is holding it somehow...)

What is wrong in the Data Visualizer communication setup ?