CSS modulation PHY & CDMA implementation in IEEE 802.15.4

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Hello I'm new to this forums and working with wireless product from ATMEL. I am planning to use ARM-Based Wireless Microcontroller ATSAMR21E18A. I want to use chirp spread spectrum modulation included by IEEE 802.15.4a standard. when I read through data sheet of ATSAMR21E18A, I got to know that it supports only O-QPSK modulation (correct me if wrong). My question is, is there any wireless microcontroller which supports CSS modulation PHY for IEEE 802.15.4?

Also if I want to use CDMA with current implementation, do I have to bypass CSMA-CA (Can I do it for this device)?

Thanks for answers.




Last Edited: Tue. Jun 1, 2021 - 01:50 PM