Connecting ATREB215 Xpro to SAM4S Xpro EXT2 port

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I have the Chat example application working on a SAM4S Xpro with an ATREB215 Xpro connected to the SAM4S's EXT1 header.  I'd like to connect the ATERB215 to the SAM4S's EXT2 header.  It seems like it should be a pretty simple task.  I made changes to the pal_config.h file, changing the PIOs (for Reset, IRQ, SPI and LED pins) to those found on the EXT2 port, but I can't get it to work.  It appears to not be able to read/write the transceiver, so trx_reset() fails when it tries to read the transceiver state because it reads it as something other than RF_TRXOFF.  Here are the PIO pins I am using:


PC19 --> RSTN

PC26 <-- IRQ

PA12 <-- MISO

PA13 --> MOSI

PA9  --> SELN

PA14 --> SCLK

PC24 <-- LED_Power



and I #define TRX_IRQ_USES_PIOC and set TRX_SPI_NPCS to 1.  Everything else is pretty straight forward.


Anybody ever try connecting the ATREB215 Xpro to the EXT2 header?  Any ideas on what can be wrong?  I can post code if needed, but it is pretty simple.