Change protocol on WINC3400

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Hi there,

I`m using atmel SAME70 X-Plained with ATWINC3400 (ATWINC operates in AP mode). If i connect my Laptop with the AP und check the interface i get this:

I'am wondering about the protocol type 802.11g

Corresponding to the WINC3400 datasheet, the highest data rate is reached with 802.11n standard (72 MBits/s).
In the WINC3400_MODEAP_EXAMPLE Code there is no option influence the used protocl standard. The only config option i found are the following:

typedef struct {
    uint8     au8SSID[M2M_MAX_SSID_LEN]; 
    /*!< AP SSID */
    uint8     u8ListenChannel; 
    /*!< Wi-Fi RF Channel which the AP will operate on */
    uint8    u8KeyIndx; 
    /*!< WEP key index */
    uint8    u8KeySz; 
    /*!< WEP key size */
    uint8    au8WepKey[WEP_104_KEY_STRING_SIZE + 1]; 
    /*!< WEP key */
    uint8     u8SecType; 
    /*!< Security type: OPEN or WEP */
    uint8     u8SsidHide;
    /*!< SSID Status "Hidden(1)/Visible(0)"    */
    uint8    au8DHCPServerIP[4];
    /*!< AP DHCP server address    */
    uint8    __PAD24__[3];
    /*!< Padding bytes for forcing alignment */

Does anybody know how to change the protocol standard?