Cannot Run the "sdmmc_sdcard" Bare-Metal Example for the SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra Board

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Hi all,


I am able to build the bare-metal "sdmmc_sdcard" example for the SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra board and download it to QSPI Flash using the SAM-BA 3.1.4 tool, but I cannot get it to run. 


For information, I have successfully built, downloaded and run other examples, e.g., "getting_started" and "usb_hid_device" without issue. The only two differences I can see between all the other examples I have run so far and this one are:


  • This example requires two blocks of QSPI Flash (the binary is ~90kB in size). All the other examples fit into one block, i.e., the binary is less than 64kB in size.
  • This example runs from DDRAM, not internal SRAM. It should be noted that I have successfully run the "ddram" example, so the DDRAM itself should be fine.


Can anyone help?