BTLC1000 Multiple Profile Use

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I am experimenting with the ATBTLC1000 Xplained Pro attached to an ATSAMD21 Xplained Pro.  I can run the heart rate sensor and blood pressure examples, pair with an Android device, and see the data for each example.  What I'd like to do is create an application that includes both profile/service pairs.  Using the ASF Wizard, I know I can add these services and profiles to a single application.  Is this the right way to do this? What is the correct way to initialize these interfaces - hr_sensor_init(NULL) and blp_sensor_init(NULL) calls from main()?  The ASF Wizard makes it easy to add individual profile/service pairs to an application.  Is it designed to support multiple pair additions to an application?


I am using Atmel Studio 7 with ASF 3.30.0