ATWINC1500B crashing error -314

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Good day, everebody!

I am using ATWINC1500B in AT comand mode. UART speed is 921600.

In my Application i am sending some Data over a udp-socket. First time i configurated ATWINC as Access Point and my PC was udp-client. The second time i configurated ATWINC as UDP client, an create an Access Point on my PC.

But in both cases i had the same problem: while ATWINC1500 is in sending-loop suddenly occurs error -314 : No buffer space available to be used for the requested socket operation.

After that my PC application in both cases can't receive any message from ATWINC , software reopen socket not solving the problem.


As i understood currectly the same problem discussed in , but no mind to solve.


Whats the matter and how it could be solve?