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I recently bought a ATULPC-DEMO evaluation board.  It has a problem.  I have spent hours troubleshooting the problem.  I cannot get the BLE module/subsystem to turn on reliability.  It has turned on once and only once.  According to the user manual, one suppose to turn the board on by switching the switch then waiting until the LED turns off.  Then, push and hold the QTouch pad until the another LED starts to flash.

In the course of troubleshooting, I downloaded the source code for the board.  I created a debug build and stepped through the code.  The QTouch library is handling the touch events but it still does not work.

I see online that there have been problems with the ATBTLC1000 module.

I do not see a way to know what BluSDK version/release is part of the original firmware.  Is there a procedure for upgrading.  The ASF Wizard does not list the BluSDK library, but the libble_sdk.a file is in the src\ASF\thirdparty\wireless\ble_sdk\lib\cm0p\gcc directory.


The following information is on the box that the board came in.



SN: 0200000414



I modified the firmware to retrieve the following information.  Both functions return AT_BLE_SUCCESS.

The at_ble_firmware_version_get() function returns 638582784

The at_ble_chip_id_get() function returns 2097329