ATSAMV71 USB Host CDC Communication

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Hi All,


I am working on ATSAMV71 USB cdc host communication. I am communicating with Quectel EC25 modem through USB in CDC mode. I am using Atmel ASF example code.


I need to read 3 MB file from EC25 modem. So I am requesting EC25 modem through command to send 4096 bytes every time. I am unable to read total 4096 bytes of data.

If I am requesting less than 512 bytes at a time through command, I am able to read total 3 MB file. If I am reading 512 bytes at a time, it's taking more than two minuets to read total 3 MB file. 


If I connect EC25 to PC through USB, I am able to read 4096 bytes of data.  


The Quectel EC25 modem will send 512 bytes in one frame. So how to handle this data receiving in host side to receive more than 512 bytes.



Any changes I have to do in ASF example code to handle more than 512 bytes of data?



Thanks & Regards,