ATSAMV71 USB CDC Communication

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I am working on USB CDC communication with ATSAMV71 series micro-controller. I tested USB cdc communication with example code with ATSAMV71Q21 (144 Pin) evaluation board in IAR, it's working fine.


We designed a new board with ATSAMV71N19B (100 Pin) which has USB hardware.


Whatever a example code I tested with ATSAMV71Q21, same code I am testing with our board, just I changed icf files and system files. Whatever errors I got after changing files, I cleared those errors. In example code I didn't change any function call flow, just I changed ATSAMV71N19B files. 


Example code is not working with our board. When I connected USB to PC, I am not getting Start of Frame (SOF) interrupt and endpoints are also not configuring. 


Is there any things I need to change in software or hardware?


Please help me as soon as possible.