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I've built a project  using a custom board , which has a HID Generic Interface device built using the the Start ( ASF4)  Previously I also built a project using a SAM D21 using Start with a HID interface with no problems. 


Anyhow my problem is this. First, without any modifications , the firmware would not install usb_d_inst.ep .hdr 2.  which is Endpoint address 0x01.

I was able to do a slight mod to get it to install.  Now although the USB device shows in USBview  and enumerates successfully. I can not send any data to the device. I am getting a WriteFile error in windows . My USB protocol analyzer also shows no packets are being sent. I realize that the S70 has a highspeed USB interface and there are many more configuration options and register, but I thought Start would take care of that.  Has anyone out there run into a similar problem ?

I can provide any more information if it helps.