ATSAMR21E18A standalone applications

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is it possible to make wireless communication between two ATSAMR21E18A MCUs without using any evaluation kits (like SAMR21 X plained)? Now I have made two PCB with ATSAMR21E18A MCUs in each of them, I can program them using atmel ICE programmer, I also successfully launched UART for debugging. Now i want to make a simple wireless communication between these boards. In the Atmel studio I can create such communication using ASF project wizard, but I can't use ASF projects because EDBG chip is not integrated in my boards. Another option is to use Atmel Start online platform, but this platform suggests me to use external wireless communication modules, which I can't use. Maybe someone from you knows how to make simple standalone application with wireless connection between two ATSAMR21E18A chips? Or should I write the whole protocol by myself? Thank you for your answers.