Atmel Studio7: Strange behaviour when trying to add ASF

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it seems that I miss something.
It runs on Window10.
When having created a GCC C project and then opening ASF wizzard, in window the project field is empty and "no device".
Project ist with SAME54 and device selected as on xplained board (gets displayed in menu bar).
Any attempt to add my new project and to change device failed.
- How can I create a project with ASF?

This is, because I want to utilize filter functions of CMSIS.


- How can I include CMSIS and deploy filter functions with "bare metal" programming?
- Do I have to activate the FPU seperately, or is it using FPU automatically when employing biquad-filter functions?

ASF is listed in the extensions manager.

Thankx for Help or any advice.

Surprise: As soon as one's doing it correctly - it works!

Last Edited: Mon. Mar 14, 2022 - 12:46 PM