ATMEL lwmesh - WSNDemo - TRX_UR error occur while receiving frame buffer in coordinator

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I have checked the IRQ_STATUS register bits for RX_START and TRX_END in receiver's but the result was not expected I am receiving RX_START bit 1 that means Started receiving frame buffer but TRX_END bit is 0 that indicate full frame not received.
But while analyzing IRQ_STATUS register's bits I got clue for RF Receiver not working. TRX_UR bit is 1 which Indicates a Frame Buffer access violation.
while studying deeper I found why TRX_UR occur "When reading the frame data continuously, the SPI data rate shall be lower than the current TRX bit rate to ensure no underrun interrupt occurs." from datasheet.

Can you help me in resolving this issue.



Abhinav Saxena