ATECC508A I2C Enable?

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EDIT: Okay, I was using a Single-wire model ^^' Cheeers.



Hi there,


I'm trying to communicate with a ATECC508A with I2C with no success. Always receiving a NACK.

So I read again the datasheet and noticed this bit in the Configuration Zone:


So this bit is suposed to be 0 or 1, set by the manufacturer. Also it states it cannot be wrote? So how am I suposed to choose between single-wire or I2C?



Btw, this is how a write token of my mcu looks like. I thinks it's ok, just the last 1 that is the NACK right?

Yellow signal is the SDA

Green signal is the SCL



Also noticied that if I send to address 0x00, the ninth cycle of SDA is still low, and the write of buffer with value 0x03 is done but a Nack again is received. Don't know much what it means...



Any advice of what should I try to communicate with?


Could be is sleep?

I'm executing these functions relatively early in the code and the Twatchdog min is 0,7s.. so I doubt it's sleep but at this point don't know what to think frown


Thanks in advance. Any response will be apreciated.



EDIT: Okay, I was using a Single-wire model ^^' Cheeers.


Last Edited: Thu. May 17, 2018 - 08:12 AM