ASF3 SAME70 QSPI missing functions '_read' and '_write'

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Hello community,


currently I am about to get to know the SAME70. I wanted to test the QSPI interface on my SAME70 Xplained board by using the ASF driver. When using the qspi_inutialize function
i get two build errors "undefined reference tp '_read'" located in the file "readr.c" and "undefined reference tp '_write'" located in the file "writer.c". I couldn't find those functions nor the files in the solution folder or
my entire pc. Has anyone else come accross this problem and found a solution or a workaround?


(Tryed to use ASF4 instead, but it doesn't support the SAME70Q21 (A))

Last Edited: Sun. Sep 6, 2020 - 09:04 PM