[ASF] Unhelpful name & description: USART_CALLBACK_BUFFER_TRANSMITTED

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Stupid forum has no ASF section for ARM - where it is most applicable.

Only for AVR - where it is largely irrelevant!




Anyhow, the name & description of USART_CALLBACK_BUFFER_TRANSMITTED are unhelpful:


USART callback enum.

Callbacks for the Asynchronous USART driver.



Callback for buffer (sic)  transmitted.




This is fine when using usart_read_buffer_job() - but what is one supposed to do when using usart_read_job() ??


We can guess that it actually applies to both - but then have to mess about with an experiment to verify the guess.


Of course, we can dig into the source code and find that usart_read_job() is just a call to _usart_read_buffer() with a length of 1 - but that's not the point.


The point is that the documentation should be clear & explicit - the user should not have to guess and/or reverse-engineer the code to make sense of it!




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