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Hello, I am trying to make sense of the ASF documentation. I got a SAM4L8 Xplained Pro card. To begin with it looks like this particular card doesn't have support for ASF4 and I am stuck with ASF3. I created a project with ASF 3.47 but then all the links to the documentation are broken. I settled with 3.45 and everything is working the way is supposed to. (?)


Now for the question, I connected USART0 in EXT1 pins to a peripheral (a SIM808 based card) to send "AT" commands to it, after some ASF docs surfing I decided that probably what I want to use for this is the SIO2HOST component. The link to the docs is here:


This is a fine reference documentation but I can't figure out some things out of it, ie should I run sio2host_enable before or after sio2host_init? How do I handle response times to receive etc. and I can't find any "Getting started" or example. Is there any? I find the whole documentation site pretty confusing, as soon as I click a link on the top like "Files" or "Data Structures" I get somewhere else totally unrelated to the library I was looking for initially.


TLDR I would like to know how to do AT commands via a seerial port to a device using a SAM4L8 Xplained Pro card.