Arduino Sketch import does not compile

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Disclosure I'm new to Studio7, and I'm much more of a hardware guy than a programmer, so I'm out of area of expertise and comfort zone .....


I have a working sketch based on the Arduino MkrZero board (Cortex SAMD21). I tried importing this into Studio7 using the import sketch option, and it seemed to do its thing, however when I try building the project, I get the following errors:

cannot find -lArduinoCore

recipe for target 'BB_14.ino.elf' failed

ld returned 1 exit status


When I look in the solution explorer I noticed that under the Libraries folder there is what looks to be a warning associated with ArduinoCore (triangle icon with!) and in the Properties window for this error the full path ending in  "libArduinoCore.a" did not actually contain "libArduinoCore.a", so I searched for this file and found it in  "C:\Users\Documents\Atmel Studio\7.0\  blah blah blah ArduinoSketchImport_1\ArduinoCore\Debug\libArduinoCore.a   So I copied that file to where it is looking for it based on the path described above, however the error persists.


Just noticed that when I do a build or rebuild, it actually deletes the "libArduinoCore.a" file as part of the build process, so I'm speculating that the problem is that the "libArduinoCore.a" should be be generated as part of the build and it's not?





Last Edited: Fri. Feb 8, 2019 - 07:40 PM