microcontroller reset circuit EMC question

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No idea if this is in the correct part of the forum. Please change if not:

Can someone help me clarify this?: 
see print screen from datasheet below.

here it says:
"The circuit is not necessary when the RESET pin is not driven low externally by the application circuitry"

is the track going to the ATMEL ICE programming connector considered an external circuit?

So if we only use the reset externally for programming the chip (with Atmel ICE). Do we need an external pullup or not on the reset line? (size?)

meaning the line going directly from the microcontroller to Atmel ice connector (no other components, circuits etc. on the line)


I am currently making a 2 layer board. 

Should I be worried about (EMC) radiated immunity tests for example? could that "pull" on the reset until we have a problem? (with antenna  at 30V/meter radiated)
The length of the track from the reset pin to the connector is 30 millimeters.

family: ATSAMD21E


I am thinking I probably do not need a reset.

But since it´s a pain in the ass making an error in a PCB I thought I would ask you guys just in case..





image 1:









image 2:


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No replies.. so are this question in the wrong forum?

should it be in general electronics?..

or maybe somewhere else?


or is the question unclear or something maybe?