Problems integrating CMSIS-DSP in Microchip Studio project properly

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im working with a SAM E70 Xpld evaluation board.


I recently started a project which needs Digital Signal Processing. So i found CMSIS- DSP. First i thought i can simply get it by package manger, until i learned that in the newer versions just Core and Core A are integrated by this.

So i tried to download it from the official github-repository and use it myself. For this i watched multiple youtube tutorials and read some guides. Unfortunately I still faced problems...

It seems like the newer Versions (5.4 or later) dont use .a Files to integrate the library anymore.


So at the moment i already included the arm_math.h file (and downloaded multiple versions of CMSIS).

Im curious now if in the newer versions this include is already it, or if i need to add cmsis-dsp as a lib or include other stuff.

Also i need informations about how CMSIS can boost the MCUs performance.


I would apreciate some help, guidance ,tips or hints.


I work with SAME70Q21B, Microchip Studio 7.0.2542 and im happy with any cmsis version above 5.4.


Thanks !

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NicoR wrote:
It seems like the newer Versions (5.4 or later) dont use .a Files to integrate the library anymore.


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